Dry water fountain

Out on LeBreton Flats, at the corner of Booth and Wellington / Sir John A Parkway, the NCC has reinstalled the Fleck fountain, as part of its Bold Drive By Experience temporary landscaping project. While the landscaping looks a little thin on plant material, maybe it will grow on us over time. Temporary could mean anything at all when it comes to the NCC. The trees might well die of old age. There is an explanatory panel on site: The landscaping and fountain does add some attraction to the otherwise bleakness of the Flats. For some years, the NCC apparently … Continue reading Dry water fountain

Some real ped improvements, and some not

It is good to be (still) living, in a time when transportation is finally focusing on people who walk, people who cycle, and not just people who drive. Yet to come, of course, is any concern for the people living … Continue reading Some real ped improvements, and some not